About our studio

The studio is a licensed small business, it and was formerly used for graphics & Interactive design, for commercial markets, within the communications industry, specializing in website design/hosting & maintenance, promotional graphics and creative design.


Why was the decision made to change the firm's forte?


The firm has made the decision to forcus primarily on the creative arts, such as,
Digital Art, Illustration, Relief-Printing
and whimsical art. My decision to change
the forte of the business is what I have
always enjoyed doing.



See: Relief-Printing


Whimsical Art

Whimsical Art is cute art, playful and happy.The link below shows a collection of whimsical art, created especially for a babie's or small child's room.

imageCollection: "Bottle Baby"
Titles: listed below:
1. Baby Talk
2. Cuddle Time
3. Fun Time
4. Bed Time

5.Sweet Dreams

6. First Wheels

See: Whimsical Art


Illustrations See: Illustrations

Primary Focus

As an artist and owner of a creative arts studio, it's in my nature to do what I love and strive continuously to do better.